the service - outbound business call management
Tailored outsourced business call management lead generation programmes.
Programmes can be driven through products / services / concepts.

Commencement of activity is agreed under a Pilot Exercise establishing proof of concept. This confirms forward expectation from a following Partnership Programme.

What this can mean to your organisation
  • We create and manage the entire activity allowing you concentration of time and energy on core competencies within your own organisation.
  • Representing your company Full Circle International provides an extensive range of ability and service that functions as a virtual business unit.
  • Comprehensive analytical reporting to give your business clear and immediate results and direction.
  • Existing client base contact provides a level of customer care that allows identification of potential new business activity for you.
  • Outbound activity is focussed to a created and agreed Guided Discussion not a script, ensuring quantifiable outcomes through time management and sales skills.
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