the database - a marketing building block
the beginning
Post database selection for your programme – accurate and intelligent database validation and population will establish the Outbound Business Call Management building block for your programme. This ‘work in progress' is a way of using internal and external information to refine marketing – and then sales – forward programmes.
the research
Your raw data requires to be enhanced through tele-researching named decision makers. Enabling your organisation to be prospect focussed. The groundwork is set for building strong relationships based on an understanding of potential customers' needs. This type of exercise also maximises the effectiveness and minimises wastage of any subsequent marketing activity.
the marketing function

Effective information gathering that meets your business criteria is essential in order to provide your organisation with the correct forward tools to aid a sales force. Sales people are generally overstretched and are likely to be unenthusiastic about taking on research & data gathering duties – albeit essential to their functional success.

the advantage
Outbound marketing enables you the opportunity to develop a powerful prospect database that is tailored to your organisation. As an ‘intelligence resource' that is built and managed properly, this can enhance relationships at several levels and contribute to the process of your business growth.
the enablement
Database marketing enables organisations to communicate information in the right way, at the right time and to the right people. This has the immediate outcome of assisting in building strong customer / potential customer relationships.
the outcome objectives
Make contact with more potential prospects
Establish and penetrate new geographic / vertical markets
Create qualified sales leads through a controlled lead generation programme
Aids the creation of a stable forward pipeline of qualified new business opportunities
Build awareness in your market of products / services
Carry out market research through portfolio building
Leverage from marketing and related business intelligence
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